Photography Workshops of Utah

Learn the basics in just 2 hours!

Our workshops are ideal for those who have little to no experience with their DSLR camera, but would love to know more about how to capture great photos of kids or the next vacation!  We dont waste any time with lectures and technical talk!

We maximize your time and get you shooting as quick as possible!   

I specialize in teaching the basics of photography to busy people, helping you understand only the things you need to know to be able to take great photos. I can make photography easy and fun in just a few hours!

Most people don’t have the time to invest into learning a new skill … most just want some good shots of the kids and family, right now!  You will get tips you can use TODAY and improve the photos you’re making on any kind of camera, even in automatic mode.


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Local Workshops

Hey Mommy-tographers! Do you want to take control of your camera to get better shots and really put all that camera-awesomeness to work ? … Then these are the workshops for you!


There’s something magical about finding confidence with your camera!  You will learn and practice hands-on elements of shooting in manual

Optimal Timing

With workshop dates every month, your sure to find a date and time that fits your busy schedule!

Unique Experience

Our workshops are kept small for a reason – You get the most out of your time during the class.

Local Fun

I’ve been teaching small group photo workshops since 2006. Group size ranges from eight to ten participants. If you want more one-on-one time, I offer private small group workshops for you and your friends.

All skill levels welcome.

AND We have FUN!

Smart Guides

With over 35 years of practical photography experience, your sure to learn and understand your camera!  Learning photography is easier than you think. With the right skills, you can take photos exactly as you imagined!


The tours listed below are held at specific times of the year. Be sure to join our email list to stay up to date.

Workshops and Tours 2017/2018

Aperture Workshop

Held Quarterly

Shutter Speeds

Held Quarterly

Beginner Workshop

Held Monthly

Your Kids!

Custom Dates


One on One Workshop

Your Schedule

Sunsets at GSL

Early Spring – Late Fall – 2018

ISO Low Light

Held Quarterly

Corporate Consulting

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Photography workshops bring you to new locations or let you visit your old favorites. And, you’ll see them in ways that you might not have seen them before.

Due to our small class size, you can be assured to learn the most in the least amount of time. All of our workshops are hands on, going thru menus, changing the settings on your camera! YOU understand YOUR camera!

We are the longest running photography workshop in Northern Utah, We know how to get you the most information in least amount of time!

Years of Experience
Locations Visited
Happy Photographers
Trips Organised


We understand your time is very valuable! We give you the most instruction and education in the shortest amount of time!

Unique Places

We can point you to some really great locations, and help you get some really great photos! We make it fun and easy to understand!  Hands on learning allows you to grasp in days, skills that would take months or years to gain from books or lectures.


All of the workshops are located in a safe and easy accessible locations. We try and keep things close to home, we are aware, you dont have time to travel all across the state!

Help from Beginning to End

We base our workshops around a hands on experience! Books, lectures and videos are hard to understand. Right alongside you all the way, making sure you understand the basic concepts.

New Friends

With our small class sizes, you have time to chat and make friends with other photographers. We encourage you to bring along a friend. We make it as comfortable as possible, after all its nice to show your friends your newly captured photos!


Take a look at photos & videos from previous journeys. Read testimonials from our new & regular clients.

Fall Trees 2017

The colors were simply amazing this year! A small group went up Guardsman Pass and came back with some incredible photos 2017

Sunsets at GSL

Sunsets at the Great Salt Lake are amazing to experience. We are planning a trip back out in early Spring 2018, so make sure your on the email list.



Questions about any of our workshops? We are here to help!


Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah 84121

Monday - Saturday: 9.00 - 5.00p




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