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Our MOST Popular Workshops !

Beginner Basic Workshop

There are 3 things you must learn, ISO, Shutter Speeds and Aperture. When you arrive at the workshop, we discuss what each specific mode does and how to find each. We discuss the exposure triangle and how to make it work in our favor. From there you will use your camera to capture some simple but informative shots…

Shutter Speed Workshop

Learn to control motion with in your photos. Do you want crisp sharp photos, or do you want to capture movement in your photo. We all want that famous motion blur, like those fluffy, cloud like waterfalls we’ve all seen, it makes your viewer feel like they are right there!

Aperture Workshop

Learn to control Depth of Field within your photos and YOU will control how and what your viewer is seeing ! With depth in your photos, you give your photos the WOW + 10 factor! Just like that song you cant get out of your head, when your viewer see’s your photos, it draws them in….. they will return to look at your shot again and again!

ISO Workshop

Learn to shoot in low light. Photography is ALL about light and how to control it….But when you dont have any, it becomes a challenge! By learning how to operate your digital camera properly, start to understand what your camera is seeing and how it uses light, YOU will begin to get great photos of the low light opportunities. Learn to use the light you have available, learn to control your flash, and you will be successful !

One on One Workshop

With our One on One workshop, we focus on your challenges ! Custom designed workshops for YOU ! Maybe you struggle with depth of field, You might need some tips to control motion.  Maybe, your first “paying” job is coming up and….

Corporate Training Workshop

Every one has or knows someone with a camera !  Why not bring your photography in-house and use the employees you already have ? Most average every day photos, your current employees can handle. Your photography gets delivered on-time, every time. After purchasing a couple of inexpensive pieces of equipment, your overhead is kept to a minimum ! We can teach and coach your employee’s thru some simple techniques, and have them photographing your everyday shots tomorrow !


Group your workshops together for huge savings! Attend at your leisure and schedule.

We understand life gets in the way!  You have an entire year to redeem all your workshops…..

So… no rush, Take your Time!

Beginner Workshop

1 individual class

2 hours

Held Saturdays

$80 / The One

The 3 Pack

3 individual classes

ISO, Shutter Speeds and Aperture Workshops

Decide as you go

$150 / The 3 Pack

The 5 Large

All Photo Workshops

5 individual classes

Beginner / Shutter / Aperture / ISO / One on One

$325 / The 5 Large

Quick Pick

Shutter Speed / Aperture / ISO – Pick One

$65 / Shutter or Aperture or ISO

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the workshops held ?

The Beginner Basic workshop is held at Wheeler Farm, Murray Utah. We meet at the Blacksmith shop, directly behind the original tannish/yellow farm house.

The Shutter Speed workshop is held at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon. We meet at the park and ride.

The Aperture workshop is held at the West Jordan Water Conservatory, West Jordan. We meet in the courtyard.

The ISO workshop is held at Jordan Commons Theater, Sandy Utah. We meet at the water fountain, east of the theater.

Are the workshops outside ?


Dress for expected weather the day of your workshop. Depending in the location, we may be able to scurry inside a building…. BUT the majority of the workshop will be outdoors!  Besides its no fun to shoot everything inside.

Can I get my money back ?


We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you didn’t learn anything from our workshops, we will gladly refund 100% of your money!  No questions asked.

Do I need a camera to attend the workshops ?

Well… it is a photography workshop!

I think you will have way more fun if you have a camera.

We currently do not rent cameras, besides you want to learn your camera, not someone else’s!

Do I have to attend the workshops in one weekend ?

Absolutely not!  We understand life gets in the way, kids, family, work…… we get it!

If you have purchased a workshop, we give you one full year from date of purchase.

If you need more time, give us a call….. we can work something out!

Do you offer Gift Certificates ?

Birthdays, Christmas, any event you want!

We will mail you a gift certificate, that you can hand deliver to your camera lover!

How much time should i plan for a workshop ?

All our workshops average about 2 hours, we do run long sometimes so give yourself a few extra minutes.

Our Tours however, do run about 4 hours with travel.

What if something happens last minute and i cant make the workshop?

Best thing is to give us a call, most times we can just reschedule you to a different workshop.

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