Aperture / Flowers Workshop

Controlling Depth of Field-

Aperture – the amount of light that passes through the lens

The aperture is the opening inside the lens. It controls the depth of field, giving you a blurry or sharp background behind your subject.

 Things you will learn during the Aperture Workshop

    • Controlling Depth of Field
    • How to blur the backgrounds
    • How to sharpen your background
    • Understand why we want sharp or blurry backgrounds
    • How to navigate the menu’s on your camera
    • Shoot in the “A” mode
    • Backgrounds and shot setup

  • Change your focusing points
  • Care and maintenance of your camera
Come out to our Flowers workshop, you will begin to understand the use of aperture, why to use aperture and how to change the setting on YOUR camera! 
If you want to take a picture of a subject and have the background be blurry, you’d use shallow depth of field. If you want to take a picture of a landscape, you’d want to use a deep depth of field.




Currently not offered for 2017