Shutter Speed Workshop


When was the last time your kids sat still while you photographed them ? Doesn’t happen very often ?

After attending the Shutter Speed workshop – NO more blurry photos of the kids!

Now you can learn how to get all the kids sharp and in focus!

Do you photograph the kids soccer games ? Basketball ? maybe Baseball games.

Let us help you get tack sharp sports photos!

Shutter speeds allow you to control motion. You have the option to either blur the motion or freeze the shot!

Learn to control movement, make your photos a masterpiece!



Shutter Speeds. Begin to Learn “TV or S” mode also known as Shutter Priority.

By using very short or very long shutter speeds, you can introduce some interesting creative effects into your shots.

Long exposure photography is where you open the shutter for much longer than normal – anything from a few seconds to several minutes. This is perfect for creating blurred crowd shots, giving moving water a fog-like appearance, and capturing trails of light from things like cars and stars.

During this workshop we explore the different ways to add motion to your photographs.


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Nothing to lose – No questions asked

FULL Refund

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