MilkyWay Photography

MilkyWay Photo Adventure

If there is a type of photography where great planning increases your chances of success, that’s Milky Way photography.

The Milky Way is visible throughout the year in most of the areas of our planet, but the most interesting part of our galaxy, the galactic center, is only visible during a few nights during a few months every year depending on your location. We have found the calculations and have set days into the calendar

Join us in photographing the nighttime skies in the west desert BLM areas.

Take your photography to the next level, with a camping trip included ! Join us !

Your sure to come back with some amazing photos !

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Experience Level

Beginning & Intermediate Photographers

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Capable of camping/supporting yourself in a desert environment

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Utah West Desert

BLM Lands

Photographing the Milky Way not only requires great planning,

you must find an area with dark skies. 

We’ve got both of those covered !

You will use the photography gear you already own

and the learn the correct settings to adjust on your camera to achieve amazing results.

The MilkyWay Photography Camping Experience is currently open to 4 rigs max.

  • You will be required to provide your own transportation and camping supplies. YOU will be responsible for YOURSELF ! You need to be sure if your staying the night, you have enough provisions and camping equipment available. Dates are deposit held and they go quick, If you dont get a spot, email us and we will put you onto a waiting list.

Are Clear Skies Needed ?

  • YES ! We cannot guarentee the weather for the dates we schedule. Because we are camping away from the metroplis areas the chances of clear skies is greater. Because we have all night, its hopefull that at some point the sky will be perfect for astro photography. Due to the minimal amounts of light pollution in the area.

YES !  if your wanting to find some pristine dark skies, a 4WD with off road clearance is needed. We will not be responsible for any damage occurred to your vehicle.

All equipment, you will be required to provide. There are many online photography rental sites. You really wont need any fancy equipment – what is all ready in your bag will get you started !

DSLR or mirrorless camera with ISO range to at least 6,400 and shutter speeds to at least 30 secs (most cameras will allow these settings)

-Typical lens with a aperture of f/4 or larger and an equivalent of 18-55 mm

-Wide lens with an aperture of f/1.8 to 3.5 (work very well) and an equivalent of 18-55 mm

-A sturdy tripod

-Wireless remote or use your onboard timer (we will show you how)

-Extra batteries

-Headlamp with a red filter

-Small flashlight

-Warm clothes (as the night gets later it does get colder)

-Gloves and hat

-Hiking Boots

-Snacks and beverages

-Camping chair or any portable seat. There is a lot of standing.

-Camping gear if spending the night (we recommend camping – its a very dark and long 2 hr drive back to SLC)

A Few Hours or Over Night Camping

The choice is yours, We will be camping during the Night Time Milky Way Experience. If you wish to return to your hotel or Salt Lake City its all up to you.  If you choose to camp with us, you will be responsible for your own survival. No accommodations, no meals, no transportation will be provided – Four wheel drive rigs are required.


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