Utah Fall Trees Photography Workshop

October 2, 2021 9am Sold Out !  

Half Day | $225

Utah Fall Trees Photography Workshop

Regarded as one of the most beautiful locations in the world for fall foliage, the Wasatch Mountains of Northern Utah are breathtaking and as a result they are absolutely stunning for fall trees and landscape photography.

All areas are easily accessible by vehicle with little to NO hiking , for 2021 we are only offering morning workshops.

Utah Fall Trees Photography Workshop

Education, Tips and tricks will be provided throughout the workshop and the instructor will spend one-on-one time with each participant. Due to the fact all workshops are designed around beginners, Utah fall tree photography workshop is also considered a novice or beginner workshop.

“Our goal, is for you to capture an amazing fall tree photograph to hang over the fireplace”

Experience Level

Beginning, Intermediate, & Advanced Photographers



Shutter release or understanding of timer

Course Agenda

Our goal will be to help you photograph a Mountain Landscape scene to hang over the fireplace ! 


Wasatch Back of Northern Utah

  • Utah Fall Trees Photography Workshop

  • Certainly Northern Utah and the Wasatch Front quite possibly could be the crown jewel of the Rocky Mountains. The Wasatch Back features miles of undeveloped mountain canyons and valleys, towering granite and awe inspiring views.

  • During this workshop, you will want to bring a variety of lenses, from wide-angle to super-telephoto. The distance to your subjects can vary, as some locations you will get a vista across the valley and other areas you will have the opportunity to photography intimate close up forest scenes. We will explore small valleys and rivers with a few waterfalls tossed in. 

    In short, we will maximize our time in the field shooting a multitude of landscape subjects as well as incorporating in-field classroom instruction.

  • Above all, I will be right there, helping YOU to capture that amazing shot!
  • In addition there will be plenty  tips and tricks / discussions, critiques about your settings and compositions

Please keep in mind that you can always rent lenses, please contact/ask for links.

 To sum it up ! “You will go home with a landscape photograph to be proud of ! “
Utah Fall Trees Photography Workshop

The Wasatch Mountains

While the Wasatch Mountains  and Northern Utah offer outstanding photographic opportunities throughout the year, the arrival of fall brings a special magic to the area. Deep, rich golds, explosive reds and oranges, crisp blue skies, frosty mornings, and perhaps a dusting of snow transform these incredible locations into something truly spectacular.

Due to changes in weather and the amount of precipitation, the foliage colors and patterns in the Wasatch Mountains can drastically change year to year, giving truly unique photographic opportunities for those who like visiting Utah every fall.

Utah Fall Trees Photography Workshop