Wild Horse Photo Workshop

Wild Horse Photo Workshop 

$ 550.00


Wild Horse Photo Workshop

Wild Horse Photo Workshop is an amazing adventure in to the desert to find some truly amazing animals.

PLEASE NOTE:  4×4 NOT Required ! You will ride with us. We will be meeting in the town of Tooele, Utah for the final drive out to the desert floor.  We utilize the park and ride in Tooele,  and transfer over to a Jeep for the final ride to the desert floor.  At days end you will be returned to your vehicle for your drive back.

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Join Us on our Wild Horse Photo Workshop Tour to find the Onaqui Mountain herd. You will discover some of the most unique sights the Utah west desert has to offer. Our friendly and knowledgeable tour guide will take you onto pristine western deserts that are accessible only with an off-road vehicle. Our Wild Horse Photo Tour offers a unique photo opportunity. One you will not soon forget.

Experience Level

Beginning & Intermediate Photographers


Wide angle and telephoto lenses are ideal

Course Agenda

Weekend mornings we will try and be on the desert floor by sunrise.


Onaqui Mountain Range

Join us for an experience in Utah’s west desert as we seek out wild horse and beautiful vistas.

Wild Horse Photo Workshop is limited to 3 people

  • Groups are kept to a total of four, we don’t want too many people out with the horses to make them feel trapped or threatened. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Dates are deposit held and they go quick, If you dont get a spot, email us and we will put you onto a waiting list.

Is finding horses guaranteed?

  • NO! Sorry, I’m a photographer, not a horse whisperer. These horses are wild and as with any wild animal encounter there are no guarantees. We have been out and never seen a single horse, so it does happen. For this reason I recommend that we have a plan “B” which will be integrated with some landscape options.

Hiking or Driving?

Many areas of the range are accessible with a 4×4 vehicle and require no strenuous hiking for us to find and view the horses, BUT that is limiting. The horses roam where they may and if we want to increase our odds of find a herd, walking/hiking a few miles will help a lot. Waking/Hiking across the desert floor also provides a more environmental variety to your final images. The choice of whether to walk/hike is totally up to you.

The Local Mountain Herd

The Onaqui Mountain Herd Management area is near the city of Salt Lake and located on in the west deserts of Utah. The Onaqui Mountain wild horses have long been a favorite of photographers, partly due to their home range’s location about 140 miles from Salt Lake City. Because (2 hours of travel time is required each direction) the areas are within a couple hours of a major airport, finding accommodations is fairly easy, it also will provide the fastest access early in the morning (or late night returns). Since the horses will tend to move during early and late hours we will leave pre-dawn and/or return after dark.

Help Keep Wild Horses in Utah Wild !  


Join us for an experience in Utah’s west desert as we seek out wild horse and beautiful vistas.