All Photography Workshops

Ready to start learning photography?

Whatever your background or skill level, we’ll be delighted to have you join our photography classes. Get started on our beginner’s courses now, or consider our package workshops and don’t forget to inquire about private One on One lessons.


Beginner Photography Workshop

The goal with this beginner workshop is to get you off of the Auto mode, and convince you to never go back!


Rivers and Shutters Workshop

When learning about shutter speed, there is hardly a better subject than moving water. You’ll learn how to use your shutter speed to produce beautiful images.


Flowers and Aperture Workshop

In this workshop we’ll practice working with your aperture setting – controlling the depth of field so that you can take amazing photographs that look professional.


ISO Workshop

Have you ever wondered what ISO is and how it impacts your photographs? In this workshop we’ll practice taking photographs in different light levels, showing ISO’s power.


One on One Workshop

Are you looing for specific guidance or instruction? In our one-on-one workshops you decide what you’d like to learn more about.


Workshop Packages

Here at Photography Workshops of Utah we allow you to combine multiple workshops into one package. If you have a few days, you can do many of our workshops.

Don’t let your camera’s auto mode spoil great moments. Photography Workshops of Utah will help you discover the basics of photography. Our photo education program will upgrade your skills to use manual mode with confidence. Join us in a 2 hour workshop or at a pace that’s right for you.