Flowers. The Apertures Workshop.

May, 15 2021 @ Noon – 6 Spots Open

June, 19 2021 @ Noon – Only 3 Spots Left ! 

90 Minute Hands-On Camera Class | $65

Focal Length and Aperture

We’ll dispel the common misconceptions and teach you everything you should know about lenses, from focal length and exposure to perspective and depth of field. A camera is nothing without a lens. This workshop introduces the detailed features and artistic possibilities of lenses. Learn about the aperture and its effects on exposure. Discover how to manipulate the depth of field to achieve selective focus with a blurry background.

Experience Level

Beginning & Intermediate Photographers


DSLR or Mirrorless Camera

Course Agenda



West Jordan Water Conservatory

What you’ll learn

  • How to identify and describe the essential characteristics of any lens

  • How focal length and image sensor size affect the angle of view

  • How to use aperture priority (A or Av) exposure mode

  • How to manipulate depth of field

  • How to take photos with blurry backgrounds (selective focus)

  • How to take photos that are sharp throughout (deep focus)

Learn about aperture and its effects on exposure

West Jordan Water Conservatory

The Flowers and Apertures Photography Workshop meets at the West Jordan Water Conservatory. Most times of the year there are amazing and beautiful flowers and greenery. This is a perfect city location to work on your depth of field. We would love to help you!