ISO. The Low Light Workshop

Saturday 7 pm, March 25, 2023 4 seats open


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90 Minute Hands-On Camera Class | $85

Workshop held at Jordan Commons

ISO & Low Light Photography

Low light is challenging for the beginner photographer. Photographing in broad daylight or natural light is simple for most, but lots of light is not always available. You will quickly find, most situations will require you to photograph in a low light enviroment, indoors or after the “natural light” or sun has gone down.

Most consumer cameras have an onboard flash, in most cases just blow your photos out! During the ISO workshop we work with your onboard flash and begin to understand how ISO settings can make a huge difference in a good or bad photo.

Experience Level

Beginning & Intermediate Photographers



Course Agenda



Jordan Commons in Sandy Utah

What you’ll learn

  • How to identify and understand when to “bump” the iso
  • How to control and use your on-board flash effectively
  • How to capture those low light opportunities
  • How to use white balance to your advantage

Learn how to photograph in low light

Your camera’s ISO setting, controls how sensitive the sensor is to the light. It is one of the crucial factors which goes into determining a photograph’s exposure as well as the overall image quality.

A higher ISO setting makes your sensor more sensitive to light, meaning that you can take photos in darker conditions without the need to use a flash or tripod. However, a high ISO also creates more noise, reducing the image quality.

Most digital cameras can automatically adjust their ISO setting to give an acceptably sharp image when hand-holding your camera. However, you will often need more control than this, which is why it’s important to have a good understanding of camera ISO and how it affects your shots.

During this workshop you will explore the ISO settings on your camera, We also start to work with your on-board flash system.

By using your on-board flash, you begin to understand how to control light.