Beginners Landscape Workshop

 Silver Lake / Brighton Area September 17 2022 – 5 Spots Open

Silver Lake / Brighton Area October 8 2022 – 5 Spots Open

Jordan Pines / Donut Falls Area BCC November 19 2022 – 5 Spots Open

Per Person/Per 1/2 Day | $295

Learn photography in the field with small group workshops

Our workshops cover information to help you to understand and use the camera your already have .

Landscape Workshop

Are you looking to learn more about landscape and nature photography while immersing yourself in some of Nature’s most beautiful classrooms?

Then join me on a workshop! You can learn with confidence as I have been teaching workshops for many years all over the American West. We pride ourselves on offering a unique and personalized workshop experience, and we focus on an educational experience that allows you the space to be creative. We encourage you to find and photograph what interests you, focusing on your style and skill level.  We keep our group sizes small, so everyone can learn without crowding and have more opportunities for One on One time.

You can take good landscape photos with any camera equipment, but you still need to know how to use it properly.

What can you expect ?

Some examples of topics discussed in the field workshop:

  • Learning and finding compositions with in the landscape
  • In-field techniques such as using filters, proper exposure, using long exposures
  • Shutter speeds, Aperture and ISO, and how to apply with-in Landscape Photography
  • Expressive Photography
  • Small Scene photography, abstract photography, grand landscape photography
  • An emphasis on finding and photographing what interests your eye
  • Contemplative Photography
  • How to read the weather and how to anticipate working with different lighting conditions
  • ICM (Intentional Camera Movement)

We make sure you’re in the right place, at the right time, for the best light to capture the shot.