ZOOM Online Workshop

1 Hour LIVE – Hands On Camera Class | $25 per hr.

If you have questions contact us via email and lets discuss.

While you stay home you might as well learn a skill.

Dust off your camera and put to use.

Increase your photographic skills.

During these times of…. what ever this is…. We are trying to make sure everyone is creating and overcoming cabin fever. So while you spend hours on end in quarantine with your joyous familys, we are offering Zoom style Workshops. 

We offer a quick get away from the home schooling, constant cleaning and insane news of the day !….  Learn how to use the camera you already have, so when all this is over you can capture beautiful photos of your family again. 

Maybe your considering starting a small business to offset some financial challenges the quarantine has caused,

How about learning a few things about your camera such as ISO, Shutter speeds or Aperture ?
Want to learn more about flash ? Picture control ? Composition ?
Learn it all from the comfort of your home !

Zoom type meetings

Experience Level




Computer with Internet access – Some sort of online connection – Skype – Zoom – Google Hangouts

Course Agenda

Shutter speed – F/stop – ISO

Or anything else you would like to work on –


Your computer, your house !

Get thru the boredom, Start a new hobby, Get better photos of your kids –

  • After the first few days of being home with the kids your probally looking for something to do ?
  • So why not pull your camera out and learn how to operate it ?

One on One at your convience and your location

We can teach you camera operations, ISO, Shutter speed and F/Stop from the convience of your home. You dont have to travel, meet anyone – heck you can do this in your jammies !


Contact us via email and lets get put together a day and time that works for you !

We have put together 1 hour blocks thru out the weekdays. We will link up via Skype, Zoom or a Hangouts. From there we will explore your camera, you will be taking photos of your surroundings either indoors or out. You will be free to ask questions and in real time learn your camera and its settings –
So if your wanting to relieve some the boredom, learn your camera and come out of all this madness with additional knowledge – click the “Book Online” link below.