One on One Photography Workshops

Individual and Corporate Workshops Starting at $200

Develop at your own pace with our hands-on private workshops
Our private photography lessons are tailored to your needs.
Learn what you want, when you want. 

Ever wish you could just sit down with a photographer for a day and pick his or her brain on any topic you wanted?

Now you can.

Introducing our One-on-One Photography Mentoring & Instruction. Whether you choose one day of instruction or ongoing mentorship, we’ll teach you in an intensive one-on-one format for the best individualized photography instruction. One-on-one instruction is the best way to get answers to the questions you need to know.

Get the personal attention you need to grow your photography skills and your business know-how.

Decide the dates and time schedule that suit you the best and enjoy a tailor-made private course.

Private Single or Private Group Workshops are great and provide a unique experience. We love them and they serve as a very valuable platform for learning and growing as a photographer. Private Instruction concentrates the learning and guidance with fewer distractions and customizable content.

All of our attention is focused on helping and guiding you. You can focus on specific items that pertain just to you not a group. Our Experiences are ideal for experienced photographers who want to be in the right place at the right time. Private tours may include technical instruction upon request. ALL instruction and lesson plans are custom-tailored to your interests, skill and fitness levels. 

Tour locations and itineraries are planned with your direct input. More ground can be covered in private tours than is typically possible in group workshops. 100% of Ken’s attention is focused on you alone. The workshop/tour pace can be intensive or relaxed – it’s all your choice. Please contact Ken by email or telephone to discuss availability and rates.

If you have purchased a One on One Workshop, Please contact our office to schedule


$200 Per Person (LEARN WITH A FRIEND-$175 EACH)

1-2 hour one-on-one photography lesson. Recommended for beginners users who wish to further their photography knowledge.

The single session can cover:

  • Functions/operations of the camera
  • Basic understanding of using natural/available light
  • Achieving correct exposures and sharp photos
  • Visual elements of a great photo
  • Studio operations and business side
  • Equipment help and knowledge
  • Help setting up an in home studio
  • Posing and people placement
  • Practice sessions with family members


Custom tailor made experiences, single or multiple days, most desired locations. Recommended for corporate team building, small business operations and large/multiple family groups.  Coaching for small to mid sized business looking to bring their photography in-house. 


Lessons can cover various topics including:

  • Functions/operations of the camera
  • Basic understanding of using natural/available light
  • Achieving correct exposures and sharp photos
  • Visual elements of a great photo
  • Exposure – Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO
  • Focusing
  • Composition and Framing
  • Lighting
  • Dealing with Contrast 
  • Metering
  • HDR Photography
  • Panoramic Photography
  • Plus Much Much More ! 
Contact us for custom – tailor designed corporate or group experiences.  Transportation, Lodging and meals can be arranged ! 


We Can Create Custom Photography Tours to Your Liking.

Contact us for more information about our group workshops or to customize a private workshop specially for you.
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