Rivers. The Shutter Speed Workshop.

September 4th, 2021 @ 9am 8 Slots Open

90 Min Hands-On Camera Class | $65

Shutter Speed and Motion

Learn how to freeze action, capture long exposures, and avoid blurry photos.

Whether your goal is to freeze action, capture long exposures, or troubleshoot your blurry photos, this workshop will teach how your camera’s shutter influences the perception of movement in photography.

Experience Level

Beginning & Intermediate Photographers


Tripod is a must

Course Agenda



Big Cottonwood Canyon

What you’ll learn

  • How shutter speed affects exposure
  • How to use shutter priority (S or Tv) exposure mode
  • How to freeze the motion of moving subjects
  • How to make motion-blurred streaks of moving subjects
  • How to choose the right shutter speed for any situation
  • How to troubleshoot camera shake
Rivers and Shutters

Big Cottonwood Canyon

The Rivers and Shutters Photography Workshop meets at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon. This workshop is held in warm summer months, because we get in the river. This is a perfect location to work on motion. You’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery as you learn how to control motion in in your photographs using your shutter speeds.