Utah Beginner Photography Workshop

Beginner Workshops for  2023 ! 

Saturday 9am May 27, 2023 1 Seat Left

Saturday Noon May 27, SOLD OUT 

Saturday 9am June 3, 2023 ONLY 3 Seats Open

Saturday 9am July 15, 2023 ONLY 4  Seats Open

Saturday Noon July 15, 2023 ONLY 3 Seats Open

 2 Hour Hands-On Beginner Camera Class | $90

Held at Wheeler Farm in Murray Utah

 Our fun, hands-on beginner workshops are a great fit for,

Parents who want to capture their family story

Maybe Its been a minute and your camera has been sitting in the closest collecting dust.

Anyone who just received a new camera.

Maybe your concerned about the economy right now and looking for a side gig to make a bit of extra money.

Whatever it might be, jump in and learn about your camera today ! 

All you need is your DSLR or mirrorless camera and just a little bit of motivation to get started


Utah Beginner Photography Workshop

Great photos start with knowledge

This workshop teaches you how to use your digital camera to better photograph your favorite things.

We are designed for Beginners ! 

First off, we are here for any level experience photographer.  If you don’t know the difference between an aperture and shutter speed, fear not!  There is no such thing as a dumb question. 
We welcome brand new photographers.  No matter your level of experience, you will come away with new knowledge about how to get the most out of your equipment and your effort. 
At Photography Workshops of Utah, you won’t find a bunch of “workshop leaders”  All workshops are conducted by me. During our beginner workshops I will NOT be shooting alongside you. I am here to teach, not build my portfolios. I will look through your viewfinder along with you, take you to all the insider spots, and teach you how to capture that perfect photo.
Newbies are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Are you ready to take your camera off auto and capture the moments that matter ?

What will you learn in the beginner workshop ?

1. Get away from the Auto Mode


Designed for the complete beginner photographer

2. Make sense of the Exposure Triangle

ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speeds

3. Control Depth of Field


Change depth of field: shallow or deep

4. Control Motion 


Motion blur or freeze the action

5.Shoot in low light


Understand what to do in low light with ISO.

6. Take Sharper photos

Manual or Auto focus and why

Hands on photography exercises to master DSLR camera fundamentals like exposure, sharpness, metering modes, white balance, focusing and a whole lot more.

Start capturing great photos !

Time is passing and you’re not getting the great
photos you’ve dreamed of!

You’ve got a great new DSLR camera. You’re so excited and you can’t wait to start taking amazing photographs of your kids…just like the ones you’ve seen other parents posting online.

But your photos are blurry, too dark or too light. You’ve tried everything! You asked in Facebook groups how to fix the problem and you got lots of different answers. So you still can’t take those gorgeous photos you dreamed of.

Now you’re frustrated and you want to give up and go back to using your smart phone. Don’t give up! It’s not your camera and you don’t need to get a better one. You just need to start at the beginning.

Join us for our easy to follow hands-on camera workshop for beginners to get a thorough understanding of what your DSLR camera can do and an introduction to the fundamental concepts of photography. This workshop is designed especially for you.

Lose Your Fear !

Imagine knowing how your camera works so that you can take gorgeous photographs anytime you want.

Take control of your camera and you will be on your way to beautiful photographs. Your friends might even think you hired a professional photographer.

Complete Beginner ?

Then this workshop is for YOU ! 

Photography Workshops of Utah designed for the beginner