Photography Workshops of Utah

The PREMIER Hands-on Photography Workshop of the Intermountain West 

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Learn to capture photographs and leave the snapshots behind

Beginner Workshop

Photography Workshops of Utah offers fun and rewarding beginner and advanced photography classes. We offer group and private photography lessons which are held in the Salt Lake City area for those who wish to improve their photographic skills.

We offer a wide range of photography classes, targeted for different levels of photographers. No matter the subject you like to photograph, both beginners and advanced photographers can benefit by improving their technical and artistic aptitude.

Utah Fall Trees Photography Workshop

What is more important than preserving the memories of friends, family, and your experiences together?

Capture life’s beautiful moments by taking professional-style pictures that will last forever.

Great photos start with knowledge, not a fancy camera


Beginner Photography Workshop

Our beginning workshop is held EVERY month. You will learn the basic menus of your camera. Begin to understand the exposure triangle and how to apply it to your photos.


Rivers and Shutters Workshop

During this workshop you will become familiar with Shutter speeds and the menus that allow you to control motion with in your photos.


Flowers and Aperture Workshop

During this workshop you will become familiar with Aperture / F-Stops and the menus that allow you to control depth of field.

Start Capturing the Photos You Dream Of ! Photography Workshops of Utah can help !


ISO Workshop

During this workshop you will become familiar with ISO and the menus that allow you to shoot in low light. 


One on One and Private Group Workshops

Are you looing for specific guidance or instruction? In our one-on-one workshops you decide what you’d like to learn more about.


Workshop Packages

Here at Photography Workshops of Utah we allow you to combine multiple workshops into one package. If you have a few days, we can do many of our workshops.

Utah Photography Experiences

Wild Horse Photo Workshop Tour

May 20, 2023

Wild Horse Experience

It is hard to have a better time with a camera, than when you’re photographing the wild horses of Utah. Join me as we go into the wild and find them.

Speed Week


Dates to be Determined

Speed Week

Join me as we have a blast photographing the vehicles and events at Speed Week. You’ll get a lot of practice with shutter speeds, aperture, and ISO.


Fall Trees Photo Experience

When the temperatures start to cool, the leaves of Utah start to put on a beautiful show for those willing to find them. We’ll explore Mother Nature at her best.


Landscape Workshop

April 8 2023 West Desert B&W
June 17 2023 Big Cottonwood Cyn Color
Aug 12 2023 Park City/Guardsman B&W

With-in just minutes of the Salt Lake Valley, we find beautiful high mountain lakes and heavily wooded forests to capture amazing landscapes.


Night Time/Milky Way Camping Experience

Dates TBD

Seeing the Millions if not Billions of stars is always impressive, but its extra special when you can capture it on your camera system

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Because we stand shoulder to shoulder, during the workshops,
masks are at your option.
We will also observe all social distancing requirements for ALL of our workshops.

Modern cameras are incredible, but they are also very confusing to learn.

Stop missing the moments in your life, while you try to figure out how to use your camera.

Learn to take great photos and never lose another memory!