Premier Basic Workshop

Learn to Operate Your Camera!

Are you frustrated  because you invested in an expensive DSLR camera but feel like your point -and- shoot or smart phone get better results ?

If YES then this workshop is for you!

I am excited to help you unlock the mystery of your camera, so you can capture the moments of your loved ones in everyday situations.

During the the first half of the workshop will focus on the topics below.

  • ​Simple camera operations
  • How a lens works
  • What is Depth of Field?
  • What is Shutter Speed?
  • What is ISO?
  • How to navigate the menu’s on your camera
  • Storage of your photos, What not to do!
  • Simple Care and maintenance of your camera
  • How to change your lens

The second half is live, hands-on, taking photos!  giving you the confidence, as you put the information into action with hands-on shooting.

And the best part – ITS EASY! to get started….

Here are a few things other things you’ll learn throughout the workshop:

  • Controlling Depth of Field
  • Understanding Shutter Speeds
  • Using ISO in low light
  • Where are the important menu’s
  • Multiple Exposure mode
  • Auto-Focus modes
  • Live, Hands-On practice

With limited class sizes, you will learn how to take control of your camera in a friendly, supportive environment, with plenty of hands-on instruction.  These workshops are for everyone.  So if you want to learn how to take better pictures, feel inspired, confident, and lead a more creative life… you’re in the right place!

Our workshops are simple and easy to understand, if you can turn your camera on, and then point and shoot – This is the workshop for you!