Beginner Photo Workshop


2 Hours – Learn the Basic’s

When it comes to Photography –

Hands-On, Small Class Size, Fun

Easy to understand


NOTE** Dates for 2018 are being set – LOTS of weekends are being scheduled for your convenience-

We want everyone to the opportunity to learn their camera !


All of those precious moments spent with your kids,

there is NO photographer waiting around the corner to capture that moment in time! –

You must be ready with your camera !

(after all, that’s what you had in mind when you purchased your camera, isn’t it ?)

We want to help you capture those incredible moments.

We understand your time is very valuable! We wont waste any of it on; photos from our last tour, lectures about photography mathematical equations!

We get right to it! Start you off finding the menus on your camera, how to change up the settings to control exposure. You get hands on, making photographs, real world instruction! using your camera – Because after all – what good is learning someone else’s camera ?

Two hours, That’s it ! 

That’s all you need to begin understanding your camera better!  Then you can get back to your busy life!  AND start to capture those wonderful moments with your kids!

We give you a simple and easy way to begin thinking about your next photograph!

Hopefully with a little bit of practice and a some luck, Your next family photos will be amazing !

Come out, join us for a couple hours, learn how to operate your camera, get those photos!


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