About Photography Workshops of Utah

Today, everyone is a photographer. We all carry iPhones or smart devices that have no trouble capturing sharp clear pictures. The average amateur will take their camera to the top of a hill and capture a picture of the beautiful scene below them. They will later show that picture to a friend while saying, “The picture doesn’t do it justice.” It is not the camera that failed the picture, but the photographer.

An accidental photographer might take 1000 images. Three of those images could be incredible. They are indeed excellent images, but the photographer does not know how they got them or how to repeat them.

Our camera is not a magic box. We need to learn to see the world the way our camera sees, so that we can use it to its best advantage. To take great pictures, we need to have a vision and know how to interpret LIGHT, COMPOSITION, and TECHNIQUE in the camera to achieve that vision. 

Meet Ken

Based in Utah, Ken works day to day as a freelance and commercial photographer, specializing in industrial and architectural photography.

His work has been featured for many real estate firms such as Coldwell Banker and Century 21. Working directly with Mining & Fuels companies, trade publications along with various Industrial and Mechanical publications.

His images have been featured in numerous advertising campaigns, books, and calendars around the world for companies such as: United Site Services, Boart Longyear, Delta Fire Systems, Terex and Turner Construction just to name a few.

I’ve been teaching photo workshops for over 15 years now and nothing gives me more pleasure than being able to help others overcome their hurdles in photography and advance to that next level. I love being able to bring others to some of my favorite locations that I visit year after year and to be able to share that part of the experience that makes outdoor photography such an amazing adventure. Hope to see you soon!

All workshops are conducted by me. I do not use “workshop leaders”. I offer help and guidance to all who ask. Some people know their equipment and only want to know where to go. Others are new to digital photography and have many questions. I give my attention to anyone and all. There is no such thing as too many questions!

My digital photography classes are aimed at people who don’t like to read camera manuals or don’t want to sit at a computer to learn digital photography. Sometimes you may have a particular problem that you can’t seem to find or understand the answer to. Maybe you aren’t happy with your photographs in general and could use some encouragement and positive criticism. In these cases, nothing can replace individual tuition.